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Easy Cryptocurrency and DeFi Tax Tracking Software

Bitwave offers a complete solution for crypto and DeFi tax tracking and simplifies your end of the quarter. Our crypto and defi tax tracking software allows you to track your gains and losses, cost basis, and tax liabilities.

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What's Included?

Everything You Need for Crypto Tax Tracking

Gain-loss reporting

Gain-Loss Reporting

Leverage Bitwave to generate Gain-Loss reports and Unrealized Gain/Loss Reports for all of your digital assets, including DeFi.

IRS Form 8949 Icon

IRS Form 8949

Our crypto and defi tax tracking software will help your company generate the information needed for IRS Form 8949.

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Our Tax Tracking tool supports LIFO, FIFO, Cost Weighted Average, and Specific Identification accounting processes.

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Tax Tracking

Mark-to-Market or Impairment

DeFi Tax Tracking